Equation Finance is a DAO which means it’s a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This means that the owners of $EQU are also the owners of Equation Finance and can make and vote on proposals on changes to Equation Finance. This also means that users of Equation Finance need to be aware that there is always risk in using any Crypto service like Equation Finance. Equation Finance HIGHLY recommends that any user of Equation Finance read through all documentation in order to understand the risk and reward that using Equation Finance brings with it. Nothing in this documentation nor on Equation Finance or its social media channels is intended to be Financial Advice of any kind but should be seen as a Decentralized Autonomous experiment in user-generated content and creation. Use Equation Finance at your own discretion, and base this usage on your local laws. Equation Finance is not allowed to be used in territories where protocols such as Equation Finance are forbidden by law. “All values stated in this documentation are initial values at the start of the protocol. These values are subject to changes either from the team or by DAO vote”.