Equation Finance is a 100% fair launch project where you, the user will be in charge of the future. The Genisis pools will start distributing $EQU reward on the 2022-08-05 at 11-00 UTC. These Genisis pools are the only way to earn $EQU from the start of the project and are used to kickstart the protocol. These Genesis pools will only last for 72 hours.
The Genesis pools will consist of the following parties with the same multipliers:
  • $FTM ($wFTM) = 25% Distribution
  • $ETH ($wETH) = 25% Distribution
  • $USDC = 25% Distribution
  • $TOMB = 25% Distribution
Rewards are earned immediately per block and can be harvested without any lockups, vesting or taxes.
  • $WFTM ($wFTM) = 0%
  • $ETH ($wETH) = 1%
  • $USDC = 0%
  • $TOMB = 0%
The money will be used for project development and buybacks.