$EQU (Pegged FTM) is the main token with an unlimited supply. Keep in mind that the supply is unlimited, not infinite, which means that there will be new $EQU minted as soon as 1 $pFTM > 1 $FTM (TWAP > 1.01). This is to increase the supply so in turn the price will go down and meet its soulmate, $FTM. When 1 $EQU < 1 $FTM, the minting of $EQU stops in order to not push down the price any further.


$ESHARE (Equation Cross-Chain Share Token) is the heart of the operation. $ESHARE has a current total supply of 1 000 000 tokens. These are all pre-minted and under a timelock (see contract page). 170 000 of these will be rewarded to liquidity providers during 365 days on Fantom. The rest of the protocol-specific share will be held in timelock and transferred to each new chain that Equation launches on. At the start, there will only be 1 circulating $ESHARE, but as soon as the Farm start working, that supply will increase slowly. By owning $ESHARE, you not only own a piece of Equation Finance, but you also get a part in its success by minting fresh $EQU whenever 1 $EQU > 1 $FTM (TWAP > 1.01).


$EBOND (Bond FTM) are the collectors, those that diminishes the supply of $EQU while 1 $EQU < 1 $FTM. These little bad boys can be bought for cheap while 1 $EQU < 1 $FTM which in turn will burn $EQU out of existence. This will shorten the circulating supply of $EQU, pushing up the price towards and above the peg. These $bFTM will as long as 1 $pFTM > 1 $FTM be redeemed for 1 $EQU each. This means when $EQU is under the peg, you basically are exchanging cheap $EQU now for expensive $EQU later earning you the difference between below peg price and above peg price + possible Bonus.